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Homlly Electric Mosquito Swatter Tennis Bat Racket

  • Forget about toxic bug sprays that are filled with chemicals and completely inappropriate to use with the presence of a baby or when eating.
  • A single swing of this electronic fly swatter with a effective voltage grid eliminates flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects.
  • Zap day or night when you activate the built-in LED light on your electric bug zapper. Your 24-hour fly Killer, mosquito Killer or bug Killer. 
  • You don't need to turn on the room lights in the dark, and you won't bother the people around you.
  • 3 mesh layers, two exterior insulation layer and one interior ABS protective layer,you don’t need to worry about accidental electric shock anymore.
  • Elegant and light luxury design: the exterior incorporates the classical aesthetics and elegance of a Japanese-style fan
  • Ultra-fast USB charging; Efficient, energy-saving and long-lasting
  • Size: 49.6x21.6x3.5cm/19.5x8.5x1.4in


  • Rated input: DC 5V/0.5A   / Rated capacity: 3.7V DC 1200mAh   /  Working Voltage: DC 3000V
  • Power grid area: 400C   /  LED power: 0.1W


  • When working, the metal mesh has high pressure! Do not touch the metal mesh with hands or hand-held metal objects. Do not use them as toys for children.
  • Do not use in flammable gas or liquid places, and do not spark on metal nets with conductive materials such as metals.
  • When not in use, turn the power switch to the "position".
  • Do not rinse with water or wipe the metal mesh with a wet towel. Keep the electric mosquito racket dry to avoid damaging the internal electronic components.
  • Do not slap other hard objects to avoid damaging the metal mesh.
  • Not suitable for barns, livestock shed and similar places.

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